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A property’s electrical system is one of those necessities in life that is not visible and often forgotten until suddenly it ceases to work, with the possibility of causing untold damage or inconvenience and potentially expensive emergency electrical repairs. Suddenly something that was invisible becomes an urgent problem as you must decide “Who do you call to fix it? What is a reasonable price to pay? How do you fund the unexpected cost?”

Such emergency measures can be avoided if the property’s electrical installation is periodically tested and inspected by a qualified electrician. Domestic installations are often neglected, and are more likely not to be maintained or upgraded until a fault occurs.

Unexpected electrical repairs that arise in a household, usually comes as an unwanted surprise to you the client. As you are aware the Electrical System has become a necessity in our daily lives, a necessity that we have come to rely on heavily. So when the system goes down we are left in the dark and are unable to function and as Murphy’s Law would have it, the problem occurs at the most in opportune time. You are then left searching on line or in the Yellow pages for an emergency electrician, and unfortunately this is where your problems often only start, as you are then faced with a huge amount of ‘Sharks’ or ‘fly by nights’ that are lying in wait, ready to take advantage of you, in your moment of weakness – It is these ‘people’ who have given my industry a bad name. So based on this, we are now offering two new services! We are offering a monthly service, of coming out to your property and conducting, proactive maintenance on your electrical system, meaning…. We will do the basic fault checks on your Electrical System in a monthly visit, in an attempt to pick up the faults prior to them arising. Or You can have us on standby with NO charge for the call out and first hour of labour OR BOTH depending on your needs. In the event of your power tripping, be it in the evening or on the weekends, we can have a team on standby ready to get you up and running again! This will mean, that you will have a trust worthy team on standby and you will not have to sift through all the ‘fly by nighters’ and pay them ridiculous amounts as they charge unworldly prices and replace items that are often not required. BUT such emergencies can be avoided if your properties electrical system is inspected on a regular basis. Initially we would do an assessment on your property for and come back to you with a report on the state of your electrical installation and a quote to do the necessary repairs, to get your home in compliance with Occupational Health and Saftey Act no. 85 of 1993. This inspection will cost R950.00

Once your installation is compliant, we can then offer you the monthly maintenance contract. This starts from R450.00 a month depending on the size of your installation and your requirements. So once we get your home’s Electrical Installation up to a compliancy, from R450 a month you are assured that your electrical system is not going to give you any unexpected headaches. When signing a Monthly Inspection / Maintenance Contract with Elliot Electrical you will get the following:

Your home will be Electrically Compliant, and will be inspected for compliancy on an annual basis, to ensure it remains compliant
Your home will then be checked on a monthly basis, all the higher risk area’s will be checked (Inspection Contract) and /or
You will have us available to you, with no Call out fee and no cost for the first hour of labor. (Maintenance Contract)
You will have a reputable and trustworthy team on standby, in the event that an electrical fault may arise
You will receive discounted rates on any future installations, renovations or additions and will be guaranteed compliancy once we are complete
All electrical parts used will be at the best possible price

For businesses what this means is:

Less unexpected down times and increased productivity!! As we will limit the faults and pick up on any faulty equipment before it becomes a problem and schedule to replace or repair the faulty equipment when it is convenient for you and your company. All in all, you will be able to have peace of mind and sleep at night, knowing that your Electrical Installation is in good hands. If you are interested in our new service or have any questions please get in touch with us.

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